Every Valentine's Day, I believe that the most popular among all flower shops are roses because the flower language of roses is brave to love, so in many people's hearts roses are bouquets that represent love, so many people choose roses Expressing love, so, do you know the origin of sending roses on Valentine's Day? 

The origin of sending roses on Valentine's Day

For a long time, in the world, roses are the universal language used to express love. On Valentine's Day, people will choose to send roses to express their love. The origin of sending roses on Valentine's Day is related to an ancient myth and legend. The story, slowly getting used to the custom of sending roses on Valentine's Day.

In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the god of love, was very beautiful and was sought after by countless admirers. Zeus was also one of the admirers, but they were all rejected by Aphrodite, the god of love.

Zeus held a grudge for this and made her marry Hephaestus, the ugly and disabled god of fire, but Aphrodite did not love the god of fire, but the human Adonis.



Adonis is a young man who likes hunting very much. Once, he was suddenly attacked by a ferocious wild boar when he was out hunting. Unfortunately, he was bitten off the aorta of his foot, and Adonis fell to the ground in pain.

Aphrodite heard the screams of Adonis from a distance, and she was so anxious that she rushed to save her lover. The valley was full of white roses, and the thorny roses cut her feet and legs, and blood spilled all the way...

At the end of the story, Adonis died, unfortunately, and the white roses in the valley that were stained with Aphrodite's blood bloomed and turned into red roses. People are very moved by this myth. The red rose stained with the blood of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, has since been regarded as a symbol of love. Usually, on Valentine's Day, a red rose will be presented to express the love between lovers. emotion.

In our Valentine's Day customs today, flowers and chocolates have become essential on Valentine's Day and the most classic gifts from men to women, indicating singleness, emotion, and vitality.

In ancient Greek mythology, the meaning of sending roses on Valentine's Day is love, but there is another completely different interpretation of the meaning of sending roses.

Valentine's Day is also called Valentine's Day. It is a festival to commemorate a monk who presided over a wedding for a young man. The king of France chose a son-in-law for his daughter on Valentine's Day, February 14, and the son-in-law he chose was a son-in-law from a noble family. Because the marriage was designated by the royal family, he had to agree.



But the son has a lot of admirers around him. Now he has become a concubine. The son is also very uncomfortable, so he held a large bouquet of roses on that day. Girls, each person has a rose, which means that we will not communicate in the future.

So the custom of sending roses on Valentine's Day comes from this day, so what is the earliest real meaning of sending roses? It's actually "We're over, I'm getting along with others, and we're done playing."

After reading this answer, do you feel that you are afraid to send roses to your favorite people? I suggest that this is just a statement. After all, in the eyes of most people, roses are the best flower to express love.

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