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If someone asks: What is the happiest thing for fitness people?

Then there must be one thing in it:

That is he loves fitness, she loves fitness, she is his girlfriend!

Get moving! Work out with your couple, without the need for exercise equipment, various interactive poses can give you a better workout, and your family can become a small gym. 

IFAST will provide 12 exercises of couple fitness for you !

Exercise 1: ★ Sweet push-ups ★


Sweet push-ups


Muscles Worked: Heart muscle, pectoralis major, arm 

Efficacy: quick warm-up and deep warming effect


Exercise 2: ★ Clamshell ★



Worked part: buttocks

Efficacy: Men and women match, work is not tiring, peach buttocks practice


Exercise 3:★ Sit-ups ★


couple Sit-ups


Muscles Worked: Abdomen

Efficacy: Have a sexy vest line with the help of love


Exercise 4: ★ Push the peach butt ★


Push the peach butt


Muscles Worked: Chest Arms

Efficacy: Build Schwarzenegger's proud chest muscles and Mount Everest arms


Exercise 5: ★ Plank ★




Muscles Worked: Abs, Shoulders, Arms 

Efficacy: good waist, good abdomen, good love


Exercise 6: ★ Exercise ball Abs Workout ★


Exercise ball Abs Workout


Muscles Worked: Abs, legs

One person is lying on the fitness ball, and the other is kneeling on its head. The person lying on the fitness ball contracts the abdominal muscles and does abdominal crunches. The other person adds some weight according to the completion of the trainer to increase the strength of the abdominal muscles.

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