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Bench Press is the main exercise for strengthening the chest muscles. The bench press is a compound movement that involves multiple joints, including shoulder and elbow joints.

The most frequently used equipment in the gym is the flat bench press, and many people can push heavyweights. The pectoral muscles only control the movement of the shoulder joints, pulling the upper arms from both sides to the chest. The movement of the elbow joint is completed by the triceps, which change the arm from bending to straightening. Let us learn more about the advantage of bench press.


weight bench press


Advantages of bench press

1.Increase upper body thrust

This is very simple, but the bench press can increase the weight we can push/push. The more weight you can bench press (in good form), the more you are most likely to press on your shoulders.

A good rule of thumb for tracking your push strength is to use the basic principles in the book "Practical Program Design for Strength Training" by Lon Kilgore and Mark Rippetoe. They discussed keeping the shoulder press between 59% and 67% of the bench press. These percentages vary according to the person's training age.


2.Upper limb strength predictor

A powerful bench press can help predict the upper body strength of various movements. A 2013 study used athletes’ 1-RM benches to correlate other upper body weightlifting times.

Although it is not always a foolproof method for predicting upper body strength (and many people oppose it due to mobility, anthropometry, and other issues), this is why benches are often used to test athletes’ upper body strength. Think of the NFL combining a 225-pound referral and a 1-RM bench test.


3.The Greater Peck Major

The bench press can exercise the pectoralis major muscle. This is the muscle that is easiest to grow and exercise during the bench press. This is the attractive muscle of the chest, which makes the chest muscles look bigger and stronger. It is one of the main promoters of horizontal stretching.



4.Stronger pectoralis minor muscles

Minors with pectoral muscles did not get enough trust on the bench press. This muscle is located below the pectoralis major and is directly trained through horizontal pressing movements. The pectoralis minor muscle plays a key role in the downward rotation of the scapula.


5.Shredded serratus anterior muscle

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest muscles in the human body. This muscle surrounds the ribs under the upper arm and feels like a finger between each rib. The serratus anterior muscle is strengthened by pressing and promotes a powerful bench press.


6.Iron Forged Delts

The anterior and medial deltoids develop and grow stronger from bench pressing. They are among the prime movers in this form of press and their growth will support stronger shoulder presses as well. In addition, building these muscles will help push you further to achieve the capped shoulder look.


7.Crazy Strong Triceps

The tricep is made up of three heads and makes up roughly 2/3 of the arm. Bench pressing helps strengthen and build all three of the tricep heads (long, lateral, and medial) throughout different ranges of motion during the lift. Stronger triceps will have to carry over to other pressing movements, plus big triceps make your arms look great.

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