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strong man

How to dumbbell bench press?| IFAST

Dumbbell bench press is to hold dumbbells and push up, retract both elbows, and clamp the chest while clamping elbows. The dumbbells move upwards at the same time slightly forward,...
on May 26, 2021
Comprehensive understanding of dumbbells | IFAST

Comprehensive understanding of dumbbells | IFAST

Dumbbell is a simple equipment for strengthening muscle strength training. It is an auxiliary equipment for weightlifting and fitness exercises. Definition of dumbbell Dumbbell is a simple equipment used to strengthen muscle strength training. Its main material is cast iron, and some are covered with a layer of rubber.
on May 24, 2021
kettlebells workout

10 benefits of kettlebells workout | IFAST

    The curved handle and the iron ball are cast together. At first glance, it looks like a kettle without a mouth. The "kettlebell" not only has a special...
on May 20, 2021
How to do barbell rows

How to do barbell rows? | IFAST

How to do barbell rowsIn this article you’re going to learn the benefits of doing barbell rows, what muscles do barbell rows work, how to do barbell rows, several mistakes you may make when barbell rows,10 of the best row variations, and more!
on May 07, 2021
kettlebells training

All you want to know about kettlebells | IFAST

who invented the kettlebell? The kettlebell is made of cast iron with a flat bottom and a handle. The difference between Kettlebell and barbell, dumbbell and medicine ball is that the center of gravity is not in the center of the handle, which requires a higher level of physical fitness to complete the action of Kettlebell, and at the same time to recruit more stable muscles and prime mover in the specific action.
on May 02, 2021
what is a power rack

What is a power rack | IFAST

Many people may not know the power rack too much, but the gym equipment power rack is also a famous one in the fitness equipment.

on April 12, 2021