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stationary bike vs spinning bike

Cycling has always been a traditional item in the gym, and its weight loss efficiency is very high. It is highly praised by many people who lose weight. However, there are two types of bikes, one is the spin bike that is very common in the gym, and the other is the stationary bike that has become popular in recent years. Many people feel that these two types of bikes are stupid and unclear, and they want to buy a home but don’t know. Which is better, what is the difference between spinning bike and stationary bike? Which is more suitable for home use?

We are here today to outline the advantages and disadvantages of each bike, hoping to help you better understand which bicycle is more suitable for you.

1.The difference between stationary intensity and safety

Spinning is a team sport. In the gym, a 45-minute course is generally set up. Usually accompanied by the stimulation of music and lighting, the coach will complete a set of high-intensity training plans by simulating and combining scenarios such as climbing, flat ground, and downhill. Through the traditional mechanical flywheel to adjust the resistance, the resistance level is less, the resistance accuracy is lower, but the resistance is greater, and the stationary intensity is also greater.

Standing cycling is a kind of stationary bike that is a very effective way of training, but if the force method is not standard enough, or the riding rhythm is disrupted by lack of physical strength, it is easy to cause knee injuries. In addition, during riding, the pedal will continue to rotate due to the inertia generated by the flywheel. If you accidentally take off your foot, your calf is easily injured by the pedal.



white exercise bike


IFAST stationary bike


A stationary bike is a recently emerging home stationary equipment, suitable for use at home and with family members. Nowadays, magnetoresistance technology is commonly used to adjust resistance. There are many resistance levels and high precision. It can also be used for riding with a stronger standing position, but the resistance is relatively Smaller, the stationary intensity is also reduced, and it is not easy to cause knee injuries. The reluctance stationary bike can achieve the effect of stopping by foot when in use, and the safety is higher.

In terms of stationary intensity and safety, the stationary intensity of spinning bikes is higher, but the safety is relatively low, while the stationary intensity of stationary bikes is relatively low, but the safety is higher.


2.The difference in appearance

Because spinning bikes are more often used in gyms, their appearance maintains the style of traditional fitness equipment: domineering and unruly. In order to make the riding experience more realistic, the design of the exposed counterweight flywheel is retained. In the preliminary design process, only the rationality of ergonomics was considered, and no additional cost was spent on optimizing the appearance and dealing with various details.

And the appearance of the stationary bike is very beautiful, like this IFAST stationary bike, its body structure is simple, the black and red color and temperament are excellent, plus the embellishment of the log accessories, it is suitable for almost all the current home styles. In the design process, not only the basic ergonomic design will be considered, but also the aesthetic design will be taken into consideration. The handling of various details is also very elegant.

In terms of appearance, the appearance of the spinning bike is more traditional, while the appearance of the stationary bike is simple and beautiful, suitable for the home environment.


3.The difference in intelligence

Due to the use of occasions and manufacturing costs, the degree of intelligence of spinning bikes is not high, usually, only a small number of stopwatches are used to display basic data such as heat and distance.

Due to more emphasis on user experience, the level of intelligence of stationary bikes has developed far beyond that of spinning bikes. There are two ways to realize intelligence. One is to integrate the body and the smart terminal together, but the cost is very high, and the final price usually reaches 5 digits, which is more suitable for wealthy and self-willed families.

There is also a way to realize intelligence by carrying a smart box and an external smart terminal. For example, the stationary bike can be connected to a mobile phone or a pad by Bluetooth, and the stationary bike can be controlled through an app. The price of this method is relatively low. It's more reasonable, and there are many training plans and video tutorials in the app, so you don't lose to the gym coach.


benefits of regular stationary bikes

The benefits of regular stationary bikes:

Prolong life

Some scientific studies have shown that long-term adherence to cycling can prolong life to a certain extent, and cycling is an exercise that strengthens cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, and cardiopulmonary functions, so it is not surprising that it can prolong life to a certain extent; in addition, According to the survey and statistics of relevant international committees, among the various professions in the world, postmen who use bicycles as their main mailing tool have the longest lifespan. Because when riding a bicycle, blood vessels will be compressed and blood circulation will be accelerated, and the brain will take in more oxygen. After riding, you will feel clear in your mind and feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your body. Of course, riding a bicycle is the same as an exercise bike, so it can be said that riding an exercise bike can also prolong your life to a certain extent!

Do not delay things, you can take care of other things

When we are riding, because exercise bikes don’t have the same explosive music as spinning bikes, you can choose to read a book, chat with friends or watch TV. This is unmatched by spinning bikes, and exercise bikes are good for riding. It is also very quiet at the time and will not affect others.

Relaxing the body and mind, strengthen the body

Especially for some office workers or white-collar workers who have no time to exercise and are engaged in mental work, long hours of work and inactivity will lead to a long-term "sub-healthy state", so they need to relax and exercise in their free time. , But the difference is that they don’t need long periods of strenuous exercise, just simple and regular exercise, so exercise bikes are really suitable for relaxation and physical fitness!

Safe, less prone to sports injuries than other fitness equipment

An exercise bike can be said to be the safest kind of exercise equipment. Compared with dumbbells, an exercise bike does not have to worry about muscle strain. Compared with a treadmill, the pedaling exercise of an exercise bike has no impact on the ankle and knee joints. , So there is no so-called sports injury.

All in all, there are many differences between spinning and stationary bikes. The spinning bike has higher stationary intensity and lower safety, which is suitable for fitness people with a certain stationary foundation to use in the gym. The stationary bike has relatively low stationary intensity, but it is safer. The intelligent APP and simple appearance make the stationary bike more suitable for the home environment. Therefore, the stationary bike is suitable for ordinary people and novice fitness users to use at home.

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