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For many people who exercise regularly, resistance exercise bands (also called elastic bands) may be the least valued of common fitness equipment.

Compared with traditional dumbbells or barbells, resistance bands are extremely small, but you may find it hard to believe that resistance bands are a great strength training tool.

Elastic bands may not give you more intuitive training effects and feelings like dumbbells and barbells, but their strength is subtly affecting your training effects.


resistance band workouts


As long as a strap that looks "inconspicuous" can help you strengthen all the major muscle groups of your body, many people feel its charm the day after the first use of resistance band training.

Resistance bands originated in the early 20th century and were made of surgical tubes. Their original purpose was muscle rehabilitation. The exercise photos at that time looked very similar to today's strength training.

In the 1990s, resistance band training began to make a strong comeback in the fitness market and gradually became popular.

Benefits of resistance bands


Although dumbbells can bring you a heavier weight load and fitness equipment is more stable and easier to use, they are not as versatile as resistance bands. You can do a set of resistance band squats and then do a double-head curl, or do a few resistance band sprints and then perform head training...In short, resistance bands can bring you more training possibilities.


resistance band workout


Recruit more muscle

Because of the versatility of resistance bands, they are also more efficient. Dumb-head curling with dumbbells is a fixed movement, and the muscles used are also predictable. Due to the instability of the resistance band itself, the muscle fibers around the arm and shoulder will start to work to maintain the stability of the related joints and muscles.


resistance band workouts for men


Cheap and easy to carry

There is no need to say more about this. The price of elastic bands is relatively low and will not increase your fitness cost. Moreover, resistance bands are small in size, light in weight, flexible and easy to carry. When you can’t go to the gym for training, you can relax. Put the resistance band in your bag or suitcase, whether you are taking it to the office or on a business trip, you can take it with you to practice at any time.


Resistance band workout

1.Band face pull

Exercise trapezius




Pull the resistance band to the front of your eyebrows, then pull the elastic band outwards with your hands, keep it in that position for 2-3 seconds, and squeeze your shoulder blades.


Band face pull


2.Band push-ups

Exercise pectoralis major


pectoralis major


Hold the resistance band crosswise, then put it behind your back, and fix the band to the ends with the palms of your hands. Support the ground with both hands and do push-ups. The resistance band increases the difficulty and exercises the chest muscles.


Band push-ups


3.Band pull-throughs

Exercise glutes and hamstrings


glutes and hamstrings


Fix the resistance band at a height, and then hold the other end with both hands and pass it between your legs. Move your legs to an appropriate distance and feel the tension in the resistance band. Bend your knees slightly and lean your upper body forward to parallelism.


Band pull-throughs


Then, contract the hip muscles while standing upright.


Band pull-throughs


4.Band corkscrews

 Exercise the oblique muscles


oblique muscles


As shown in the picture, hold your arms and stand with I-shaped legs. Lean your upper body forward, but you don't need to use the strength of your arm to complete this movement, you need to rely on your oblique muscle contraction to complete the forward lean.


Band corkscrews


5.Overhead band extensions

Exercise triceps



As shown in the picture, step on the resistance band with your feet, hold the band with both hands, palms up.


Overhead band extensions


Then bring the resistance band behind your head. Begin to raise the arm to stretch the arm. Do the movements slowly, and you can exercise your muscles better.


band  workout



6.Band front squats

Exercise quadriceps and gluteal muscles


Band front squats


Step on the resistance band with your feet and pull the elastic band to the front of your shoulders.


Band front squats


Then control the squat, paying attention to the chest straight up.



7.Band rows

Exercise the back muscles

Step on the resistance band with your feet, lean your upper body forward 45 degrees, pull up with your hands, and squeeze your shoulder blades inward.



Band rows


8.Band shoulder press

Exercise shoulder muscles


Band shoulder press


Step on the resistance band with your feet, shoulder width, hold the resistance band with both hands and lift it. Move slowly down again. Do it slowly back and forth many times.



9.Band bicep curls

Exercise biceps



Step on the resistance band with your feet, shoulder width. Hold the resistance band with both hands and control the upper arms to close to your sides.



Band bicep curls


Raise the forearm upwards, then slowly lower it. Do it slowly back and forth many times.



10.Band hamstring curls

Exercise the hamstrings


hamstring curls


Fix the resistance band on a pole, step in with your feet, and then move back until the resistance band is tight. Sit on a stool and put the resistance band around your ankles.


Band hamstring curls


Then lift your feet forward until they are straight, and then slowly playback to the ground. Do it slowly back and forth many times.



These 10 movements exercise the arm, shoulder, back, chest, buttocks and leg muscles.

You can choose the action you want to exercise the corresponding muscles according to your needs so that your body becomes stronger.

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