As a fitness enthusiast who is gradually upgrading, your small equipment will always gradually increase, and among the many small types of equipment, kettlebells will always become one of them. And its unique shape is also well received by everyone.

As for kettlebell training, it can not only reduce fat, train muscles but also improve cardiopulmonary function. Kettlebell training is very variable, and the best method is to apply it to explosive movements because you can train multiple sets of main muscles at the same time. Efficiently burn fat, enhance body coordination and strengthen muscle strength.

Although at present, the kettlebell is a common small device, what is its exercise?


1. Advanced Kettlebell Windmill


Advanced Kettlebell Windmill


2. Kettlebell Figure 8


Kettlebell Figure 8


3. Lunge With Pass Under


Lunge With Pass Under


4. Goblet Squat


Goblet Squat


5. Racked Reverse Lunge


Racked Reverse Lunge


6.Single Arm Overhead Squat


Single Arm Overhead Squat


7.Squat Rockers


Squat Rockers


8. Kettlebell Swing


Kettlebell Swing


9. See Saw Press


See Saw Press


10.Kettlebell Row


Kettlebell Row






12.Sling Shot


Sling Shot


13.Squat Catch And Press


Squat Catch And Press


14.Tea Pots


Tea Pots


15. Double KB Thrusters


Double KB Thrusters


16.Kettlebell Deadlift


Kettlebell Deadlift


17.Turkish Get Up


Turkish Get Up


18.Renegade Rows


Renegade Rows


19.Double Kettlebell Push Up To Dip


Double Kettlebell Push Up To Dip


20.Push Up Shuffle

Push Up Shuffle


21.Side Plank Row


Side Plank Row


22.Floor Press


Floor Press


23.Overhead Single Arm Sit-Up

Overhead Single Arm Sit-Up


24.Floor Wipers


Floor Wipers


25.Bottom Up Carry


Bottom Up Carry

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