HIIT Workout


HIIT refers to high-intensity interval training, which helps to improve cardiopulmonary function, impact speed, and has a significant effect of reducing fat.

HIIT is an "exercise-rest" cycle mode. Through multiple sets of high-intensity outbreak periods and low-intensity recovery periods combined with training, the body can also consume energy during rest to restore function, burn more calories, and reduce Body fat percentage. 

Usually, 20 minutes of HIIT training is more effective than running for an hour. The point is that the former achieves better results and saves as much as forty minutes. This training method will make you use up 100% in 20 minutes. 

The specific method is 1 minute of uninterrupted high-intensity exercise, 20 seconds of rest. At least 6 cycles. Therefore, by burning the same calories, HIIT will save more time than traditional aerobic exercise!

After interval training, the body's metabolism increases by 36%, which is equivalent to the body helping you burn more energy. Over oxygen uptake after intermittent exercise, commonly known as post-exercise fat burning, can last up to 12 hours, which is longer than traditional aerobic exercise.

Next, let’s run to share a set of HIIT’s most classic tutorials. It focuses on body shaping and fat reduction. There are 10 sets of exercises. Everyone needs to adjust according to their abilities. If necessary, you can rest for 30-45 seconds. Burn calories! 

Action 1: Burpees 10




Action 2: Star jump 30


Star jump ifast


Action 3: kneeling push up 10


kneeling push up ifast


Action 4: Push-Up With Alternating Knee Tap, 20 left and right


Push-Up With Alternating Knee Tap


Action 5: Squat




Action 6: Bench Dip 20


Bench Dip


Action 7: Squat jump 10


Squat jump


Action 8: Supine crunches 20


Supine crunches


Action 9: Back lunge, 10 left and right


Back lunge


Action 10: Supine hip 20

Supine hip


Practice requirements:

  1. The whole set of actions are carried out 2-4 cycles according to their conditions.
  1. Warm-up and relax for 5-10 minutes before and after exercise.
  1. During the practice, try not to rest between actions, and rest for 1 to 2 minutes after doing the complete set of actions.

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