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Many Fitness enthusiasts use only dumbbells and barbells when exercising their chest muscles and rarely use power rack to complete their chest exercises.

Although dumbbells and barbells are good chest exercise equipment, you will lose your enthusiasm for exercise after a long time, and you will be bored at this time. 

Therefore, we must learn to change the way of exercise regularly during exercise, and learn to use different exercise methods, which will make your chest stimulation better.

Below we will introduce to you 4 sets of movements to complete chest muscle exercises with gantry frames. These 4 movements are very popular in foreign countries, and the exercise effects are excellent, which will make your chest muscles more rounded.

#1 Seated Chest Press Cable


Seated Chest Press Cable


When practicing, first adjust the position of your power rack rope, roughly at the same level as your chest, then adjust the angle of the stool, lean your back on the stool, and step on the ground with your feet firmly.

Hold the handle with both hands and slowly push in front of you, as if you are doing a chest push.

It's just that this will increase your sense of resistance during exercise. When you resume your movements during exercise, you should be slow, and don't use force to restore your movements.

Practice volume: 4 groups, 12-15 times in each group.


#2 Cable Clip


Cable Clip


When practicing, we should use a standing posture, with the body straight, the back straight, and the core tightening.

The position of the power rack handle is still at the same level as your chest. When exercising, push straight forward. The angle of the push must be in place. The pectoralis major must be completely squeezed, and then slowly resume movement.

When practicing, we must carefully feel the stimulation of the pectoralis major muscle. Many people find it difficult to feel the feeling of exercise for the first time with this movement.

Note that this exercise can be varied. For every different angle of exercise, the part that stimulates the chest muscles is different. If the rope position is higher, the upper part of your chest muscles will be mainly exercised. When the rope is down, the main exercise is to the lower part.

Practice volume: 4 groups, 12-15 times in each group.


#3 Cable Chest Press


Cable Chest Press


Many people should be familiar with this action, and those who have done incline bench press should be able to get started quickly.

Its exercise feel is similar to the incline press, but we switch to ropes for exercises. At this time, you will feel strong resistance, which will give you enough stimulation to your upper chest muscles during the exercise.

Practice volume: 4 groups, 12-15 times in each group.


#4 Chest Fly Straps


Chest Fly Straps


This action is called chest fly straps. When we do this action, we have to switch to a large gantry to complete the exercise.

When practicing, first adjust the angle of the equipment to the lowest, then lie down on the stool, hold the handle of the equipment with both hands, the angle of the bird is above your chest, and then start the exercise.

When practicing, let yourself have a strong feeling of pinching your chest. Don't resume your movements if you feel no exercise.

You can use a lighter weight for the first exercise to ensure that you are accurate in your exercise.

Practice volume: 4 groups, 12-15 times in each group.

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