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The equipment we can use now is also more and more colorful, from the simple dumbbell or barbell weight set to the later fixed equipment, from the fixed equipment to a variety of resistance bands. We can always find it in the market or the gym. Seeing some new fitness equipment, we are overwhelmed by the iterative replacement of equipment. One piece of equipment has yet to become famous and new equipment has flooded the market. Kettlebells have not been as popular as barbells or dumbbells for a long time. Many beginners in fitness do not know the meaning of its existence, but in fact, using kettlebells to exercise has its unique advantages. 

The Meaning Of The Kettlebell

We can see from the appearance of the kettlebell that this is a device whose center of gravity is biased toward the other end of the handle. It is different from barbells and dumbbells. Barbells and dumbbells are like burdens that distribute the weight at both ends so that we can support it in the middle, but the kettlebell is challenging to find a support point. Unless you are carrying the kettlebell, it is uncomfortable to hold it. This is the most prominent feature of the kettlebell. It is unstable and difficult to handle, which signals that the kettlebell wants to pass to the trainer.

Center of gravity, this training can make our body more stable and our muscles more practical. When we lift the center of gravity of the kettlebell and lift it, we are forced to constantly fine-tune the body to adapt to the changing position of the kettlebell. This kind of signal can cultivate the coordination ability of the trainer's hands, eyes and body, as well as the ability to grasp. It can be said that the gradual popularity of kettlebells is closely related to the term that is gradually becoming popular. This term is functional training, functional training The original intention is to let our body return to life or be better used in certain sports, so functional training does not pay attention to the dimension of muscles. It only depends on whether your muscles can be used better, and kettlebells are tools for this purpose.

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In addition to this, another advantage of the kettlebell is that it can exercise our explosive power. After all, the kettlebell's shape is irregular, and no one will use it for a slow curl or push. It is more like a lost chain. If you want to play the kettlebell well, one of the important keywords you need to know is swinging. You have to swing the kettlebell so that it can be easily lifted to your shoulders. Since there is a swinging action, it is closely related to the body's explosive power. Therefore, the characteristic of the kettlebell is to bring instability to the trainer, and at the same time exercise the explosive power of the trainer, in this way making the trainer's muscles more practical.

What To Do Without Kettlebells?

Although the kettlebell has advantages that other equipment does not have, there may be no kettlebell for many fitness beginners. Here is a solution that everyone can learn from.

We found an alternative to kettlebells. To deal with this problem, we can only find equipment similar to kettlebells, so barbell plates are the best substitutes. Although the rules of barbell plates are uniform, they have handles, and barbell plates with holes around them are the best. It is suitable as a substitute for kettlebells. We only need to grab one end of the barbell and dance.

5 Best Plate Workouts

1.Plate Swing


The main exercise is the buttocks muscles. Choose a weight plate that you can handle, grab a hole on the edge of the barbell with both hands, use a standing position with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, bend over and squat down, let the barbell pass through your hands from the middle of your legs and hang down naturally. After the barbell touches the ground, stop squatting and stand upright with the upper limbs so that the head and upper limbs are in a straight line, and then forcefully push the hips forward, and at the same time, use the strength of the hips to throw the barbell forward. When the arms are parallel to the ground, lower the arms, bend the hips and knees, and repeat this action to imitate the kettlebell swing. When doing this action, you should pay attention to the arms' movement and the hips' direction. Blending into one body, you can't simply raise your arms, but throw your arms forward while pushing your hips.

2.Double Plate Swing


Hold a grip plate in each hand on both sides of the body, squat with your feet hip-width apart and lean over to prepare for the position. First shake your arms slightly, and then gradually increase the shaking of your arms. When your arms shake, When the range is the largest, perform hip extension and knee extension, throw your arms forward, and then repeat this action. This movement uses both hands to grasp the barbell plates, so you don't have to use too much weight with each hand. This action is a variation of action 1. Its purpose is to reduce the distance between the legs to increase the difficulty of the action.

There is a detail that needs to be paid attention to when doing this action, that is, do not directly throw the barbell forward when you just squat down. This will have no inertia, which will deform your action and easily get injured. We should Shake our arms slightly before throwing out the barbell and then increase the shaking range. When you feel the time is up, push your hips forward and throw your arms out

3.One-Leg Plate Swing


Enhance the balance ability of the body. Hold a barbell plate in each hand and put it on both sides of the body, slowly raise one foot and straighten the upper limb, then bend forward slightly, at the same time swing the arm backward, and then swing forward, the upper limb also Swing back and forth in sync with the arm. Gradually increase the range of swing until the arm can be wholly thrown forward, and repeat the action continues with the largest amplitude.

4.Bottoms-Up Plate Clean


The starting position is the same as the second movement. When throwing out the arm, bend the forearm and lift the barbell to the shoulder. Lifting the barbell to the shoulder is forbidden in one step from the static state. Shake the body and arms first , and then use the inertia to lift the barbell to the shoulders. This action is to strengthen the grip strength of the hands and the coordination ability of the hands and eyes while exercising the explosive power of the hips. At the same time, after the barbell is lifted to the highest point, the core muscles and shoulder muscles It is also exercised in the form of isometric contraction.

5.Overhead Plate Swing


The starting position is the same as the second movement. When the arms are thrown out, the barbell is lifted over the head to exaggerate the movement, and the strength of the hips is strengthened to prevent the failure of the barbell. This action is the first The advanced mode of four movements can further enhance the training of explosive power and the stability of the whole body by raising the barbell above the head.

The above is the introduction of kettlebells and the training movements replaced by barbell plates. Fitness should return to functionality and practicality. Today I introduced 5 plate workouts. It should be noted that you should not blindly pursue weight when doing these movements. First, experience with barbell plates below 5kg, and then gradually increase the training weight.

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