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weight plate workout

Full-body Weight Plate Workout | IFAST

Training with barbell plates has its unique advantages. If you are a rock climbing enthusiast or an old guitarist, the different gripping methods of the barbell can train your fingers to grasp the ability.
on December 12, 2021
what does a weightlifting belt do

What does a weightlifting belt do? | IFAST

A weightlifting belt is a thicker leather belt that protects the waist and back. It is used in squats, standing presses, or deadlifts. It is one of the bodybuilding terms. It is a protective device to protect waist muscles and soft tissues from injury. 
on August 01, 2021
Olympic Weightlifting Vs Powerlifting | Tokyo 2020

Olympic Weightlifting Vs Powerlifting | Tokyo 2020

Powerlifting and weightlifting, if you are not a professional fitness person or an experienced fitness enthusiast, you may be very clear about the difference, because the people who carry out...
on July 23, 2021

The best Olympic rubber bumper plates | IFAST

IFAST FITNESS has been committed to providing you with home fitness equipment. From weight loss to weight maintenance, strength training to yoga, we have home gym essentials to equip a...
on April 23, 2021