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Home workout and exercising outdoors are two concepts, but the effect of exercising in the gym is not much worse than that of the outdoors. At least you can carry out exercises without wind and sun. Outdoor exercises are affected by conditions. Then, How do we complete our general aerobic exercise at home?

Simply put, there are three ways of contacting treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical machines. However, friends who have just started exercising may have some doubts. Treadmills, exercise bikes and elliptical machines, these three types of equipment, which one is more is suitable for indoor exercise. Of course, these three machines are for friends with different purposes. Next, we will make a detailed comparison:



Treadmills are the most common aerobic exercise equipment in the gym. Of course, they are also the carrier of the greatest amount of exercise and exercise intensity. Therefore, the fat-burning effect is very good. Because running can drive the muscles of the whole body, and rapid breathing can consume energy, so if If you lose weight quickly, running is a good choice. It has the following advantages:

  • Unaffected by the weather, conquer all-weather.
  • Don’t worry about outdoor personal safety
  • The mileage will not float like GPS, it is real.
  • Stable pace, develop a sense of rhythm
  • Although the impact force of the landing is not as good as that of a plastic track, it is always smaller than that of a road
  • End at any time, Fengjian is arbitrary, and the length is not limited
  • Replenishment at any time, it's so capricious
  • Run slopes at any time to improve training intensity
  • You can run while watching TV


treadmill ifast



1.Single road conditions

If you are running on the road, there are various road changes and emergencies, so you can exercise your balance & reaction ability. The treadmill is too flat, but you can increase the slope to increase the intensity of training.

2.The scenery is fixed

The unchanging layout around makes it easy to get bored and tired of running; but you can watch TV at the same time, especially when you are jogging long distances, watching your favorite programs, and running for a long time without knowing it.

3.Adverse effects on running posture -Jump up

The electric track keeps turning, so long as you "jump well and jump high", you can "run fast". Time to jump * Speed ​​of track rotation = Distance forwarded.

It is easy to develop an upward jumping running posture on a treadmill, which is not conducive to road running. The higher the jump, the greater the energy waste. Road running requires as little as possible to minimize the up and down movement of the center of gravity so that the economics of running will be high.

4.Adverse effects on running posture -Lookdown

Some runners like to put their mobile phones on the treadmill table and watch while running.

It’s easy to develop a downward-looking running posture on a treadmill, and the line of sight is too low. If you are running on the road, look forward, and your chin will rise prestigiously.

5.Adverse effects on running posture -Excessive strides

It's not that large strides are bad, after all, speed = stride * stride frequency, people who run fast generally won't have small strides. There is no standard stride length & cadence, the one that suits you is the best.

Excessive strides are likely to be caused by treadmills. For runners with weak running ability, when switching to road running, the greater impact brought by the large strides can easily cause injuries. 

6.Fewer calories consumed

Without slope (the default slope is 0), the exercise intensity is low, which is equal to the downhill running of the road run. For the same distance, the actual energy consumption is less than that of the flat road running.

7.Safety issues when fast

If we run on the road, even if we run at the pace, there are fast and slow. Even if the pace per kilometer remains the same, it can be adjusted slightly according to the physical condition. But on a treadmill, if you are jogging, you may still have time to adjust your pace; when you run fast if you lose concentration, you may not have time to adjust your pace and lose your balance.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of treadmills, do you have certain ideas in your mind? If you are going to buy a treadmill, I suggest you learn more about the efficient running methods on these treadmills.

Exercise bike

Cycling atmosphere, three types, the first type of spinning bike, the second type of exercise bike and the third type is a recumbent bike.

Which of the three is more suitable for home? I think an exercise bike is very suitable. In the final analysis, stationary bike mainly exercises the legs, buttocks and calf muscles. It can also exercise the whole body. However, while riding, the tutorial will also let you do a lot of actions, because you need your whole body to coordinate, so exercise bike is also the nemesis of fat. If you don’t do this, you can also set the resistance level, which is completely simulated, in the riding state, but the exercise bike has some defects. The cushion is relatively small and hard. It is easy to scratch the buttocks after long-time cycling.


women exercise bike workout


The IFAST exercise bike provides stable, quiet and safe cycling. Equipped with 15mm thickened steel, double triangle load-bearing design, heavy-duty flywheel and belt-driven system, can support a maximum user capacity of 330lbs and is smoother than the chain. A good choice for the home gym. The LCD monitor tracks your time, Heart Rate Sensors, speed(ML), distance, calories burned, and odometer while you are cycling. Put your phone on the holder to watch videos. A comfortable seat cushion allows you to ride for a longer time. Improve your fitness experience by securely placing your phone or tablet in the tablet holder. Utilize this added accessory and follow along to fitness videos, or listen to your workout playlist.


Elliptical machine

The working principle of the elliptical machine is similar to that of an exercise bike. It also relies on the flywheel and magnetic force to form exercise resistance. The difference is that the elliptical machine exercise is more similar to running and is an exercise that requires the whole body to participate.


Elliptical machine workout


The effect of the elliptical machine and the treadmill is the same, but the disadvantage of the elliptical machine is that the damage to the joints is almost 0. More than that, the elliptical machine does not produce noise, and it is also a device that drives the whole body.

The specific choice for indoor exercise depends entirely on your conditions. If your knee is injured all year round, it is recommended to go to an elliptical machine for aerobic exercise; if you have nothing wrong with yourself and you want to lose fat quickly, then run Opportunity may be the best choice for friends.

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