We bet that most stationary bikes in the gym are used in one of two ways: either as an aerobics kit for warming up for weight training and then warming up after training, or for independent, simple and relaxing Pedal training until the boredom begins.

But these bikes can be very effective training equipments, as long as you don't just jump on and complete the action. Loop through one of these different sessions more intelligently. Whether you want to challenge yourself, improve endurance, burn body fat, increase road racing speed when you return outdoors, or just exercise and return to your desk before the lunch bell, you will find something suitable below.


Stationary Bike Workout


Stationary Bike Workout


1.10 minutes beginner HIIT ride

1-minute warm-up: using light resistance on a flat road is fast and easy.

4-minute block: Increase the resistance to 3-5 minutes and slow down slightly after warming up. For 15 seconds, push your speed.

Recover 45 seconds of recovery at your basic speed. You can choose to recover from the saddle, but if this is more comfortable, you can also complete the entire ride in it.

Repeat the group four times.


2.30-minute endurance ride for beginners

Warm-up in 3 minutes: Barton instructs us to ride at a steady speed on a flat road with little resistance.

1 minute: Increase your resistance to a moderate level and maintain a steady pace.

1 minute: Maintain moderate and stable resistance, but leave the saddle.

1 minute: Return to the saddle and maintain the same steady pace.

30 seconds: Leave the saddle and maintain resistance and speed.

2 minutes: Return to the saddle and keep your pace and resistance.

30 seconds: Leave the saddle and maintain resistance and speed.

Repeat the above, from the first 1 minute to the last 30 seconds, four times.

3 minutes: Cool down on a flat road with little resistance.


3.15-minute intermediate warm-up ride

3-minute initial warm-up: Maintain RPM between 80-90 and RPE of 2-3 under moderate resistance.

5-minute block: increase your resistance. Alicea said to maintain a 70-80 RPM and alternately ride in and out of the saddle every minute, with an RPE of 4-6.

4-minute block: reduce your resistance. Increase and maintain the RPM between 80-90, and the RPE is 4-6. Alicea recommends alternately riding in and out of the saddle every 30 seconds.

3 minutes cooldown: further decrease


What are the benefits of a stationary bike workout?



A stationary bike is a popular indoor aerobic exercise equipment among gym equipment. The gym exercise bike was born by imitating outdoor cycling, and to experience the reality of the outdoors, resistance settings were added to the exercise bike. Long-term exercise can effectively improve people's cardiopulmonary function, and it is also called a cardiopulmonary function trainer. In fact, in addition to this benefit, there are many other benefits of exercise bike exercise. IFAST will talk about it with you today.

1.Pleasant mood 

Proper exercise and exercise will secrete a hormone that will make people happy and relaxed. The exercise bike in the gym also has such a sporting effect. When combined with dynamic music, it will relieve stress and release vitality.

2.It can prevent heart disease

Cycling is one of the beneficial tools to prevent heart disease. More than half of the people in the world die from heart disease every year. When riding an exercise bike, it not only uses the movement of the legs to compress the blood and rolls, but also draws blood from the end of the blood vessels back to the heart, and at the same time strengthens the microvascular tissue. This behavior is called "collateral circulation" in medicine. Strengthening blood vessels can make You are not bothered by age, and you are always young.

3.It can prevent high blood pressure

Going to the gym and regular cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, which is more effective than some medications. It can also prevent obesity, hardening of blood vessels, and make bones strong, and there is no need to worry about some sequelae caused by drugs.

4.Can lose weight

Gym bike exercise is still one of the most effective weight loss exercises. According to statistics, a person weighing 78 kilograms can ride at a speed of 9 miles per hour. When riding 73 miles, they can reduce the weight by half a kilogram, but they must be consistent every day. 


5.Can shape the body

Exercise bikes in the gym can not only lose weight but also make your curves more attractive. People who lose weight through exercise will look better and more attractive than those who only rely on diet to lose weight.


6.Riding an exercise bike is aerobic exercise

Cycling is an exercise that requires a lot of oxygen. There was once an elderly person who completed a 460-kilometer bicycle trip in 6 days. He said: "The elderly must exercise at least 3 times a week to strengthen the heart and restore normal function. You need to make the heartbeat more intense, but not for too long. This way he will be able to adapt to emergencies, such as dry cough or resistance to difficult situations. "

Exercise bike exercise is a kind of indoor cycling exercise. If it persists for a long time, it will effectively improve the physical fitness of the exercise and improve the physical fitness. For the elderly, exercise bike exercise is less harmful than treadmills.


exercise bike workout


7.Be clearer in your mind

Because you step on the exercise bike to compress blood vessels, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the brain takes in more oxygen, so you breathe in the more fresh air. After riding for a while, you will find your brains clearer. In the gym, riding this kind of bicycle that relies on your physical strength to step on, you will feel very free and very enjoyable. It is not only a weight loss exercise but also a joyful exile.

The benefits of exercise are self-evident. The gym exercise bike is a kind of aerobic exercise. Through pedaling and other actions, it can effectively mobilize the athlete's body muscles and improve the athlete's physique. Long-term persistence will allow the exercise bike to enjoy more benefits. Compared with spinning bikes, exercise bikes are also easier to stick to. Follow the rhythm and enjoy the joy of riding!


What muscles does a stationary bike work?


stationary bike muscle worked



The quadriceps, gluteus maximus, posterior thigh muscles on the thigh, soleus and gastrocnemius on the calf, biceps and triceps on both arms, etc. The quadriceps on the front of your thighs play an important role in cycling. They push your legs and knees every time you pedal down.

The gluteus maximus (located on the hip) gets involved when you stroke the pedals through the lowest point of the circle. The hind leg muscles (located on the back of the thighs) are used when you bend your knees during the stroke of the pedals. Moreover, in the process of using the pedal to draw a circle, each time you pass the lowest point, drawback and pull up, you can best practice the hind leg muscles.

The core muscles are the back and abdominal muscles, which help your body sit in a sitting position when riding a bicycle. The correct riding posture can exercise the core muscles. Keep your back straight, don't shrug your shoulders, or tuck your abdomen. This posture is ergonomic, can avoid fatigue and sports injuries, and maximize the use of leg muscles. 

Although the legs are the main source of strength when riding a bicycle, the shoulders and arms must also be exerted. These two parts not only control the direction and brakes when riding, but they also support your upper body, shoulder, and arm triceps and biceps to help your body maintain stability and balance.

The continuous gripping of the handlebars and the action of pinching the brakes during cycling can use the muscles of the forearm. The process of continuously supporting your body weight is equivalent to maintaining a push-up posture, this action especially exercises the upper arms and shoulders.

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