A person’s biceps muscle peak is by no means innate, so how can one develop a biceps muscle peak? We have introduced some effective exercises before, so today we are going to introduce another one that everyone is very familiar with, that is concentrated curls. In a general sense, concentrated curl refers to the isolated single-arm sitting concentrated curl. Let’s take a look at the graphic teaching of the standard exercises of the seated dumbbell concentrated curl.

Concentration curl muscles worked


Concentration curl muscles worked


Many people think that the concentrated curl of seated dumbbells is mainly for training the long head of the biceps. Well, you can’t say it wrong. The concentrated dumbbell curl indeed has a stronger stimulating effect on the long head (lateral head) of the biceps than the short head of the biceps.

But don't forget, there is a "brachial muscle" hidden inside the biceps. The biggest benefit of concentrated curls is that they can exercise the brachialis, which means that the peaks of the biceps are more towering!

How to concentration curl?


How to concentration curl



1.Sit on a weight bench or others tool, hold the dumbbell with one hand, hang the dumbbell between the legs (the distance between the legs is slightly larger than the shoulder), and keep the body with the other hand on the thigh or the elbow on the thigh stabilize.

With the hand holding the dumbbell, the back of the upper arm is close to the inner thigh. The arms are not completely perpendicular to the ground, but the elbows are slightly angled

2.While making sure that your forearm is close to the inner thigh, raise the dumbbell to the shoulder position, pause and tighten your biceps at the same time

3.Lower the dumbbells in a controlled manner (against the resistance during the process) until your arms are fully extended, repeat the above process to complete a set of actions and then switch to the other hand and repeat

Concentration curl precautions

1.When curling upwards, remember to curl to your shoulder on the other side, not your chest. This trajectory has a great influence on your exercise effect (important)

2.Do the weaker side first. Generally speaking, most people have the left hand weaker than the right hand? When doing concentrated curls, do the left hand first and then the right hand

3.During the whole movement, all parts except the forearm are immobile, especially the back of your upper arm must be close to the inner thigh

4.The back must be as straight as possible

5.If you are doing heavy weight, you can use your other hand as an aid to complete the action, but remember! The force exerted by your other hand must only be enough for you to complete the curl, the main force is the exercising hand

6.Pay attention to the weight used instead of the amplitude of the movement. This movement requires weight!

Concentration curl benefits

Someone asks about the advantages of sitting dumbbell concentrated curls, don’t ask!  Just look at the ACE statistical survey of the American Sports Research Council. According to the ACE survey, 97% of people in the United States will do this exercise when exercising the biceps, which is the highest proportion of all biceps exercises.

Concentration curl


In contrast, standing low tension machine curls and pull-ups are only used 80%; barbell curls only 76%, EZ curl bar curls (wide grip distance 75%, normal grip distance 71%); incline 70% curl; so do you still hesitate to do this exercise? 

Concentration curl variations

1.Standing concentration curl


Standing concentration curl


Assuming a standing position, your feet are wider than shoulder-width apart. Grasp the kettlebell with your right hand, with the palm of your back facing you.

Shift your weight to the right and place your elbows on the inner thighs above your knees for support.

With this stable foundation, the concentrated curl is completed in the same form as the standard change. Repeat and make sure to switch weapons!


2.Bodyweight concentration curl


Bodyweight concentration curl


No equipment? no problem! You can still perform concentrated curls without any weight.

Start by sitting in a chair. Put your right foot firmly on the ground and grab the back of your left leg with your right hand.

Place your right elbow firmly on the inner side of your right thigh, and with your leg as resistance, contract your right biceps and lift your left leg upwards.

Then, go back to the starting position and repeat. Must switch legs!


3.Landmine concentration curl


Landmine concentration curl


Fix the barbell in the mine attachment, corner, or you can fix the end of one side of the barbell on the ground in front of you.

Straddle the barbell so that it is almost perpendicular to the barbell.

Hinge at the waist, fix the right elbow on the inner right thigh above the knee. Grasp the barbell with your right hand, palm facing up.

Complete the mine concentration curl in the same format as the standard variant. Repeat and make sure to switch weapons!

Concentration curl mistakes

1.Pay attention

The biceps belong to the small muscle group. The training of the small muscle group is the most taboo "yo", that is, during the action, the small muscle group is not focused on the force, but the large muscle group is used to "throw" the weight up. In this way, it is not effective to train the target, and it increases the possibility of injury. This can be seen from the name of this action. When doing this, you should stare at the muscle and feel the muscle contraction;

2.The position of the shoulders

The training hand should be placed at the lowest point, which means you should practice your left hand, and your left shoulder should be lower than your right shoulder, so that your shoulders and chest form a diagonal line, pointing to the side you are training.

3.Don't take advantage of the lowest point

Don't extend your hand completely when you reach the lowest point, keep a certain angle, so that you won't rely on "shaking" to borrow force at the beginning of the action, and at the same time make sure to slowly rise and slow down instead of letting it fall freely.

4.The position of the dumbbell at the highest point

Do not lift the dumbbells to the chest, but the shoulders.

5.Complete shrinkage of the highest point

Like other dumbbell exercises for biceps exercises, the highest point of the exercise cannot find the tension of the biceps. If there is no tension, the muscles will loosen, and muscle looseness will reduce the training effect, so the highest point is reached. Rotate the wrist to get the biceps fully contracted.

6.Keep your body stable

During the movement, keep your body stable and don't sway to borrow force.


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