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The annual IFAST Halloween must belong to the carnival of fitness people. We've put together a fun workout this Halloween to help you build a perfect butt.

🎃IFAST Pumpkin Halloween Workout 👻

Have you considered using pumpkins for a bit of strength?

Here are weighted pumpkin exercises to ensure you're a healthy gypsy this year, an elegant ghost, or just a little devil haunting your way down a pumpkin patch.

Aim for 15-20 moves per move.


IFAST Pumpkin Halloween Workout

Did you like the infographic? Check out the print version and feel free to embed it on your website using the following code:

<div style="text-align: center;"><img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0449/8453/3153/files/pumpkin_workout_logo_1024x1024.jpg?v=1664527815" style="float: none;" alt="IFAST Pumpkin Halloween Workout" /></div>

6 Pumpkin Workout Detailed Tutorials Below:

🎃Pumpkin Squats

  • Hold the pumpkin in both hands and place it in front of your chest. Stand upright, keep your chest and abdomen up, and look straight ahead.
  • Bend your knees, push your hips back, and squat down slowly, keeping your upper body straight
  • Look straight ahead, inhale simultaneously and use your heels to force. While exhaling, stand up and return to the starting position.

🎃Pumpkin Glute Bridge

  • With your shoulders fixed on the floor and your heels stacked directly under your knees
  • Place the squash on your pelvis, supporting your core while placing the weight on your heels to lift your pelvis off the ground
  • Squeeze the hips at the top and hold for 15 seconds 

🎃Pumpkin Press

  • Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, leaning out 15 degrees, holding a pumpkin in both hands.
  • Keeping your back flat, straight and core supported, lower your body and grab the pumpkin with both hands.
  • As you lift the pumpkin to your chest, straighten your legs and slowly press it over your head.

🎃Pumpkin Overhead Lunge

  • Lunge backward with one leg as you lift the pumpkin over your head
  • Alternate legs and repeat overhead raises

🎃Pumpkin Hip Thrusters

  • Fix the shoulders in a stable knee-height plane
  • Stack your heels directly under your knees, with your feet flat on the floor, and place the pumpkin on your pelvis
  • Simultaneously place the weight on your heels to elevate your hips.

🎃Pumpkin Patch Push up

  • One hand on the pumpkin and one on the floor
  • Squeeze your glutes and support your core to start
  • Keeping your elbows tight, lower your chest until it almost touches the floor

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