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Halloween originated from the New Year festival of the ancient Celtic peoples, offering food to worship ancestor spirits and benevolent spirits, and praying for a safe ride through the harsh winter. On Halloween the night before, that is, on the night of October 31st, children would pretend to be all kinds of horrors, knocking on doors from door to door to collect candies, shouting "Trick or Treat!" The bear children make trouble, so they have to obediently give out candy and chocolate!

Halloween is coming!

Let's take a look at how to dress up a special Halloween for children 

Let’s talk about these decorative protagonists first:

[Animals] Black cats, owls, bats, black crows, spiders! 

[Plants] Branches and leaves! Autumn flowers! orange! pumpkin!

[Accessories] Cloth, clothing, everything you like!

The following is a dressing guide for children from a child psychologist: It can be strange, but the premise is to "become a self you like"


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Halloween kids Costumes
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Halloween Costumes for kids

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