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The shape of the trap bar (hex bar) is a hex bar. The trap bar is the same as the barbell. You must stand in the ring frame and grab the two raised handles to move. You can install bars on both sides when you want to add weight! Why do so many people recommend using the hex bar for training?

6 Benefits of trap bars

1.Suitable for beginners

When doing deadlifts, the body line, hip hinge, and the fluency of the entire movement are essential. This part may be difficult for beginners, especially if there is no professional coach nearby to help you watch the action, and I don't know where it is. Doing it wrong can easily lead to injury, and the unique design of the hexagonal bar has a limited area of activity within the frame, so the body can naturally perform well and avoid sports injuries.

2.Safer for the back

When doing straight bar deadlifts, we will try to bring the barbell closer to the body to reduce the pressure on the back, and the hexagonal bar allows us to maintain a good body line within the frame. Grabbing the bar on the side can also avoid unnecessary lower back: strain or other sports injury.


IFAST hex bar row


3.Stabilize the shoulders

If you sit in front of the computer all day, or if your shoulders have impaired mobility and stability, you may find it uncomfortable to perform straight bar presses. The hex bar grips are designed on the sides to help keep your shoulders in a Good body line position and allow more concentrated power and increased shoulder stability.

4.Recruit more leg muscles

Do deadlifts with a hex bar in a diamond-shaped frame. The hip joints naturally dominate the posture. The weight will be distributed in the body's midline, reducing the inclination angle back and forth, keeping the spine neutral, and allowing the barbell to move up and down the legs. Use To move more leg muscles can reduce the strength of the waist accidentally used when doing deadlifts.

5.Apply many training movements

The hex bar can be used not only for deadlifts but depending on the size of the open hex bar; more movements can be done, such as shoulder press, farmer's walk, press, lunge squat, split Leg squats, etc.

6.Can do larger weights

The hex bar can help you maintain the correct body line and distribute the force in the center of the body so that you can lift more weight than the straight bar. According to the research, the subjects with the hex bar can average more than the standard bar. Lifting about 22kg, if your training goal is hypertrophy, hex bars are great for heavy weights.

Trap bar Vs. Barbell

For beginners or those with insufficient muscle mass, the Olympic hex bar is easier to master. It is safer for the lower back when doing deadlifts and also avoids the problem of the bar hitting the knees. Can train with heavier weights.


hex bar vs barbell bar




4 Trap bar exercises

Trap bar deadlift


In the starting position, the body is in the middle of the hexagonal bar, and the feet are about shoulder width apart; keep the body line in a straight line, slowly push the hips back, and the breech position is slightly higher than the squat position, and hold the hexagonal bar with both hands. Inhale to prepare, pull up the hexagonal bar when exhaling, keep your eyes at a 45-degree place, don't look up or bow your head too much, and slowly return to the starting position when inhaling is about 1 to 2 seconds.


Trap bar farmers walk


Keeping your core stable and your body straight, without hunching over, start walking forward. The body is in the middle of the hexagonal bar. When lifting the bar, take lunges with both feet, keep a good body line, hold the hexagonal bar with both hands, inhale to prepare, raise the bar when exhaling, and return the feet to a parallel position.


Trap bar floor press


Lying on the floor while benching takes your legs out of motion, forcing your upper body to do all the work -- and blasting your chest. With the trap bar, you can use a neutral grip, which, according to Rusin, puts less pressure on your shoulders than the barbell version. This is especially valuable if you have picky shoulders on the bench press or are an over-the-top athlete worried about excessive wear on your shoulder joints.


Trap bar overhead press


Think of this move as a mix of a typical floor press and a neutral-grip dumbbell press. Pushing off the floor will limit the range of motion (ROM), allow the lifter to move more weight, and prevent your shoulders from overexerting. This move puts less stress on your upper body joints and allows you to add more resistance than dumbbell variations.

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