What is a half balance ball?



The half balance ball is a small tool invented by David Vick in 1999. As the name suggests, there is only a semi-circular ball, with a hard base on the cross section, which can be used on both sides.

Its biggest characteristic is unsteadiness. It can be used to strengthen the core and improve the balance.

Why should we emphasize the balance? Because the balance is not good, the training effect is greatly reduced! Balance is composed of three systems. Vestibular system, visual system and motor system. The vestibular system is located in the inner ear;The visual system is the location of the body from the eyes to the brain; The dynamic system consists of muscles, tendons and joints.Keeping body balance is not a static process, it doesn't just mean firmly fixed at a point,

It is with the continuous adjustment and switching of body movements.

For sports, it is the foundation of our athletic ability. For students with poor balance, the typical situation is that they sway left and right during running, resulting in uneven stress on the body,

But also can not run fast, easy to fall; In the hard pull, at the moment of lifting, Obviously feel that the body force is uneven, easy to hurt the waist; Walking like a penguin, swaying charming posture.So some people will complain about why they always get hurt when they lift iron. They do the same action, but they don't do it so well, A lot of the time it's bad balance.

To enhance balance, we can start with these three systems, and what's most relevant to sports,

We can improve this ability by strengthening the core, and half balance ball is such a perfect Savior!

Benefits of half balance ball

Enhance the sense of balance

Wave speed ball is also known as semicircle balance ball, as the name suggests, is a kind of equipment to exercise balance. It is similar to dividing a complete fitness ball into two parts, and installing a base on the plane, you can use it. Wave speed ball has two sides, each side can help fitness. When the spherical surface of the wave velocity ball is upward, the ground is very stable, and a series of aerobic exercises can be carried out on it; When the ball is facing down, you can exercise your balance.

Training core strength

In the process of fitness, all around the core muscle exercise, only the core muscle group is strong enough, the lower body can feel the strength from the ground to the whole body better, for running, jumping and other movements are very good, therefore, the importance of training core muscle group is self-evident. The wave speed ball can strengthen the core muscle group very well. If the method is appropriate, it can exercise the chest muscle, shoulder muscle, abdominal muscle, etc., and the effect is even better than yoga ball.

Stimulate metabolism

In addition to the ability to exercise the trainer's sense of balance and sensitivity, so that the strength of the core muscle group can be improved. When using the wave speed ball for exercise, it can also promote blood circulation, so as to better carry out metabolism. Unknowingly, the immunity has been improved. Frequent use of wave speed ball exercise, the trainer's athletic ability will be effectively improved, the body's sense of balance improved a lot, can also play a role in shaping and slimming.

How to use a balance ball?

✅ Balance ball squat

Action: Stand with your feet on a round surface, advanced people can choose to be on a flat surface, then tighten the core, bend the hips, and sit back as far as possible.

Balance ball squat


✅ balance ball push-ups

Action: Put your hands on the plane of the beam ball, and then prepare like ordinary push-ups. Remember to tighten your core. This will not only test your core ability when training your chest muscles, but also strengthen the control of your body's balance ability.


balance ball push-ups


✅ Balance ball crunch

Action: Lie on your upper body on the beam ball on your back, bend your knees and open your feet about shoulder-width apart, lie on your upper back on the beam ball, put your hands on the back of your head, tighten your core, do abdominal crunching, and adjust your breathing. And the rhythm of the movement, compared with the ordinary curling, because the wave speed ball increases the instability, you can feel the power of the body center more.


Balance ball crunch


✅ Balance ball plank

Action: Lie on your stomach on the ground, place your feet on the round surface of the wave speed ball, advanced students can also put it on a flat surface, and then tighten the core to make a flat plate.

Balance ball plank


✅ Balance ball knee lift

Action: Tighten your core, lie on your stomach and straighten your arms and support your palms on the plane of the wave speed ball. Keep your head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and legs in a straight line, and then exchange your left and right legs to lift your knees to the front of your lower abdomen until Position your thighs and lower abdomen perpendicular to it.

Balance ball knee lift


✅ Balance ball elbow

Movement: Bend your elbows on a round surface, pay attention to keeping your head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, and legs in a straight line, tighten your core, straighten your elbows in turn, and try to keep your trunk from moving.

Balance ball elbow


✅ Balance ball stepping

Action: Step on the round surface of the wave speed ball with your feet, keep breathing at a constant rate, lift your legs up alternately, and swing your hands naturally.

Balance ball stepping


✅ balance ball stands on one foot

Action: Stand with your feet on the round surface of the balance ball, tighten the core, then lift one foot, hold for about 45 seconds, try not to shake your body, and then change sides.

Looking for a balance half ball with resistance bands?

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