In the gym, there is various fitness equipment, such as barbells, dumbbells and power racks. Speaking of the power rack, everyone still knows it. The power cage is common fitness equipment in the gym. Face Pulls is an exercise that uses a rack for training. It is an effective fitness exercise, but if you want to practice face pull, it is not an easy task.


Benefits of face pulls

Strengthen the lower part of the trapezius muscle

In the contact exercises, only the rope pulling can stimulate the middle and lower part of the trapezius muscle. This will make our back muscles look more three-dimensional, and at the same time, it can also avoid some postural problems in the body. Improve the hunchback or the front of the neck to make the body more upright.


Improve shoulders

This action helps the trainer to build shoulder abduction. If the shoulders have round shoulders or slight pain, doing this action can avoid this situation and make their shoulders healthier.


How to do face pulls?

face pull ifast


  1. Adjust the height of the rope to near the upper chest, put on the rope, straighten your hands, hold it upright, grab the rope, and take a step back. Slightly bend your knees after standing firmly, as a starting action.
  2. Following the upper movement, tighten the shoulder blades and then use the strength of the upper back clamp to pull the hand toward the face until the upper arm is parallel to the ground, and the rope position is in front of the eyes.
  3. Put back the weight and pay attention, return your shoulder blades, and then slowly straighten your hands to maintain muscle tension, and use your shoulder blades to control the force. Don't lose it at will. easy to get injured.


Precautions for face pull


women face pull


When pulling up, think about letting the main force come from the contraction of the deltoid muscle, not by shaking the body. When pulling up, the waist and abdomen should be tightened, and the trunk should not be shaken as much as possible to maintain balance.

Note: When pulling up, do not pinch your arms with your arms. There should be a distance. Fully stretch your shoulders backward and pull your upper arms up as high as possible.


Common mistakes

Poor training habits are a key point that makes it difficult for you to improve! Especially if you haven't noticed! Although some mistakes will not cause you to be injured! But one thing is certain is that it will greatly reduce your training effect, and sweat in vain!

In the single-joint chest exercise, the rope clamp chest is everyone's favorite! But many people made the same mistake in the action!


Mistake 1: Move your elbows!

The movements of all single joints of the chest have one thing in common: the elbows are locked, and they continue to maintain a slightly bent position during exercise (shoulder adduction). In other words, the degree of bending of the elbow needs to remain the same throughout the movement, just like drawing an arc to hug a wooden barrel or a tree.

However, many people changed their elbow position during the process, especially extending their arms at the bottom of the action. The problem is that your flying bird uses too much weight. This problem is especially common when it is too heavy. But the problem is that the rope bird is essentially a single-joint movement, which is made into multiple joints by you, which means that the triceps and shoulders are doing some work that the chest should do.

Solution: Don't covet weight, use lighter weight to move! The elbow joint is always fixed!


Mistake 2: Keep your feet together

Many people would stand with their feet close together when doing a rope clamp! This will make you unable to stabilize your body! Nor can it maintain balance with the change of the center,

Solution: Use lunge (cross-step), cross step will bring you a more stable platform! Let you focus on the contraction of the pectoral muscles!


Mistake 3: No multi-angle

This is the most common problem that many people use rope clamps, they always fix the roller skates at the same height! This is not a wise move!

By moving the pulley from high to low, you can change the angle of the force on the chest fiber. In this way, you can exercise the entire chest muscles, and you can also focus more on strengthening your weak parts.

The higher position focuses more on the lower edge of the pectoral muscle, and the lower position focuses more on the muscle fibers of the upper part of the chest. The middle position can better target the muscles of the middle pectoral muscle!

Solution: Mix them up! Don't always use the same angle to exercise! One method is to switch between various high points and low points, and the other is to change the position for some time!

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