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If you are an avid shopper, then November 26 is already circled on your calendar. It was Black Friday this year-and the center of the entire holiday shopping season. IFAST provides black friday deals for you! Here are some high-quality aerobic training equipment for you to work out at home! Come and shop!

IFAST Exercise bike

IFAST provides two exercises bike to meet your demand.

Exercise bikes can help you achieve your fitness goals without having to pay expensive gym membership fees. Cycling is an efficient, low-impact aerobic exercise. Having your own exercise bike allows you to record your mileage in your own time. In addition to promoting heart health, spinning can also help exercise the abdominal muscles, calves, gluteus maximus and quadriceps muscles without putting unnecessary pressure on the joints.

IFAST exercise bike provides stable, quiet and safe cycling. Equipped with 15mm thickened steel, double triangle load-bearing design, heavy-duty flywheel and belt-driven system, can support a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs and is smoother than the chain. Exercise bike is very important equipment for workout at home!


IFAST Battle rope

To use the battle rope, you must use the strength of the myocardial nucleus group to stabilize your body. With the coordination and agility of the body, you must swing the rope homeopathically, and use explosive power, muscle endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance to make the rope appear one after another within a certain period of time.

Then, in order to keep the waves uninterrupted, you have to sling the rope with all your strength in a fast, steady and powerful condition. In addition, it can also be equipped with dumbbells, kettlebells, bar plates and other equipment, designed for various interval or circuit training, to achieve the effect of improving the development of various parts of the body muscles and cardiorespiratory endurance.

The IFAST battle rope for a home with high tensile strength, 3-strand-thick design, engages the arms, shoulders, back, core, and even legs for a full-body workout. The flexible design makes for convenient portability, compact storage, you can easily roll up the 1.5 inch rope for storage when not in use. Take your power strength rope to the gym, park, or beach.


IFAST Electric Balance ball

The balance ball can exercise the sense of balance. When the ball is facing down, you can exercise the balance. In the process of fitness, you can't get around the exercise of core muscles. Only when the core muscles are strong enough can the lower body be able to convey the power felt on the ground to the whole body. The half ball can exercise the balance and sensitivity of the trainer, so that the strength of the core muscles can be improved.

IFAST Electric Auto-Inflating Balance Ball provides a digital control bottom and innovative built-in inflator without tedious manual work. The panel automatically maintains any of 50 pressure levels through even your most intense sessions, and everything is easily powered from any available USB port using the provided cable.23" ball diameter is big enough for a better user like standing or sitting on it.

A large number of IFAST Fitness equipment have black friday discounts, waiting for you to buy!

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