While there is nothing like the excitement of cycling outside, you get all the health benefits you want from cycling indoors. With the technology available on today's indoor exercise bikes, you can simulate what you'd typically encounter on the road.

Indoor cycling is an excellent option for those facing cold winter temperatures, frequent rain, or sweltering temperatures. No matter what happens outdoors, you can always turn to indoor riding. When you're indoors, you're in control. You can choose from various resistance levels on most bikes to get your desired high-intensity workout.

While you can certainly get a very effective workout from indoor cycling, some may find it rather tedious compared to the outdoors. The result is that many people need to push themselves harder or have trouble getting started. Next, IFAST will introduce some training skills and benefits of cycling to make your exercise more scientific and enjoyable.

Benefits of Exercise Bike

Fat loss

Cycling is a periodic aerobic exercise. When cycling, the exerciser consumes more calories and can burn 500 calories in an average of 45 minutes, a fat-burning bomb. Therefore, indoor cycling has become the protagonist of this summer's weight loss. 


exercise bike fat loss


Train beautiful legs 

The little fairies who go out in short skirts and hot pants in summer may not be satisfied with their body shape, and cycling training can fully mobilize the muscles of the whole body to participate, and the thighs and calves need to be exerted. Continuous exercise can optimize the leg's Lines to develop firm and shapely legs. 

Enhance cardiorespiratory function 

After staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time, it is inevitable to feel top-heavy, have difficulty breathing, and feel sub-healthy. Indoor cycling can change this situation very well.

In a cycling course, you must repeat different challenges and complete changes such as sitting and standing mountain climbing. Your heart rate also varies according to the pedaling speed and resistance fluctuation. Therefore, the heartbeat is often 2 to 3 times higher than usual, which can promote blood circulation.

Repeated practice in this way can make the heart muscle develop, the heart becomes more extensive, the heart muscle contract powerfully, and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall increases to exercise the heart and lungs and improve the body's aerobic work capacity.

Stress reliever

Unmotivated work, irritability and anxiety are:

  • The sequelae of hot weather.
  • Resulting in a lot of stress accumulation.
  • Making it difficult to deal with life and work effectively.

Sweating through exercise is a great way to soothe your spirit and release stress.

Indoor cycling, through a careful arrangement of courses and selection of soothing music and rhythm, creates a comfortable exercise atmosphere, allowing you to focus on the bicycle in front of you, effectively releasing stress and soothing your body and mind while ensuring exercise.


Prevent brain aging 

The research results of sports medicine show that when riding a bicycle, the opposite side of the brain dominates the movement, and the alternate pedaling of two legs can develop the left and proper brain functions at the same time. So little fairies, come and ride a bike; maybe when you ride, the problem will be solved as soon as you open your mind. 

4 Exercise Bike Home Workouts

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This riding method should ensure that the trainer's heart rate does not exceed 65% or exceed this heart rate value. Exercising for more than 20 minutes will naturally consume more fat to supplement exercise energy. This way of jogging is beneficial to obese people.


At this time, the heart rate can reach more than 85%. At this time, the body should do anaerobic exercise, which will improve the exercise capacity of the thigh muscles and better promote the improvement of the physical exercise level.

3.Medium speed 

This running heart rate needs to reach 65%-85%, which can exercise the cardiopulmonary function very well and improve the body's aerobic exercise capacity.

4.Slow and fast cooperation

When exercising, we can use the method of combining speed and slowness so that the effect of exercise will be more prominent, which is an effective exercise method. 

Precautions for Exercise Bike Workout

1.Adapt to the times

In hot weather, it is not recommended to do physical exercise outdoors. Choosing an indoor sports venue should have good ventilation and cooling equipment. Of course, you can also ride an indoor bicycle at home.

When the energy consumption is relatively large in hot weather, the amount and intensity of exercise can be appropriately reduced, and measures should be taken according to the time. Monitoring exercise data can determine whether the exercise intensity is up to standard.

2.Moderate exercise, step by step

Exercise to lose fat in summer, try to avoid being big and fast when cycling, thinking that the weight loss/exercise effect will be better. In fact, the body is prone to injury if there is no basis for exercise and only pursues speed and strength.

Cycling fitness requires mastering posture and movement, warming up comprehensively, slow first and then fast, this is the principle that beginners should master when cycling.

3.Correct exercise method

No matter when you need to adopt the correct exercise method. Wrong cycling methods not only affect the exercise effect but also easily cause damage to the body.

  • When riding, usually, the upper body should be relaxed naturally, the arms should be slightly bent, the eyes should be straight, and the attention should be concentrated
  • When riding, the forefoot works hard and the body maintains balance. Correct pedaling should be divided into four coherent actions: stepping, pulling, lifting, and pushing. Step down on the soles of the feet first, then shrink the calf back and pull it back, lift it, and finally push it forward so that exactly one pedaling cycle is completed. Pedaling in such a rhythm saves not only energy but also increases speed;
  • The breathing should be well coordinated with the stepping frequency, adopt abdominal breathing, and try to breathe through the nose and mouth.

4.Pay attention to replenishing water 



Exercising in summer, due to sweating a lot, loses a lot of water and salt, which can easily cause heat cramps. Therefore, it is necessary to add more water between cycling exercises.

Studies have shown that when the ambient temperature reaches 33°C, people will sweat quietly but can still maintain a balance between heat production and heat dissipation. 

If physical activity is still carried out at this time, the amount of sweating will increase significantly. The higher air humidity and lower wind speed in summer will make the sweat evaporation unable to be fast, and it will be difficult for the human body to dissipate heat. It may cause heat stroke symptoms such as general fever, dizziness, thirst, and nausea in the body.

In terms of the frequency of drinking water, don't wait until you are thirsty to drink water, because thirst already indicates that the body is dehydrated. 

It would help if you had a lot of hydration before and after exercise but only a little during practice. Because if you consume too much water during exercise, it will cause a burden on the kidneys.

Generally, drink 150-200ml of water in about 15-30 minutes. Usually, a 45-minute cycling course requires about 450ml of purified water.

After strenuous exercise, it is not advisable to eat immediately, and friends who are greedy for cold should not eat super cold food such as popsicles to avoid gastrointestinal dysfunction, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea.

In addition, carbonated drinks, highly concentrated fruit juices, etc. are not recommended to drink. Otherwise, a cycling class will be a good use of time.

5.Do not take a shower immediately after exercise

After exercising, you are sweating profusely and your body is sticky, and you want to take a shower immediately to wash away your fatigue and sweat. Here, Little Beast wants to remind everyone that you must not take a cold shower immediately after exercising.

Because exercise causes the pores to open, and cold water stimulation can easily cause colds and other diseases. It is best to wait until the sweat on the body is dry before showering with warm water. The water temperature should be 1 to 2 degrees Celsius higher than the body temperature, so the muscles can fully relax.


exercise bike workout


6.Choose the right sports accessories

For summer fitness, the corresponding fitness equipment is indispensable. You don't want to wear too much and can breathe and absorb sweat well. You need these two sports items and they can also be fashionable when exercising!

  • Sports bra: Women who exercise for a long time need a well-fitting sports bra to protect their breasts. The stability of the shoulder straps of sports underwear is essential. Generally, the design of cross straps can increase strength. For girls with big breasts, paying attention to the shock absorption design is very important.
  • Cycling pants: The most significant difference in appearance from other bodybuilding pants and leggings is that it has a pant pad, which is for riding comfort and protection of the pelvis, groin and reproductive organs of the human body, and is based on ergonomics Specially designed products. It has the effect of decompression and shock absorption. Wearing cycling pants for exercise can reduce the pressure on the buttocks and make the exercise more comfortable.

At the same time, cycling pants are mostly made of moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking materials, so you don't have to worry about stuffy discomfort if you sweat a lot during exercise in summer.


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