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For Crossfit, many people know it. Crossfit is a well-known fitness system. Of course, Crossfit also has many benefits. As for the Crossfit training plan, many people don’t know what the training plan is. So, what is the Crossfit training program? Let’s take a look at the Crossfit training plan.




A bare-handed squat is simple, it is the most common squat we do every day. Although bare-handed squats are not weight-bearing, if they are done a lot, they can also have a good butt lift and stovepipe effect, and the action is safe.

2.Front squat

front squat


Front squat requires heavy objects to complete the action. First of all, we need to bear weight with both hands, but when we squat with our legs, our hands need to be raised flat. This action can better exercise our arm muscles, hip muscles, and leg muscles.


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3.Squat over the head

squat over the head


Overhead squat, that is, during the squat, our arms need to be raised above our head. This exercise is also weight-bearing. Generally, dumbbells are used to complete the exercise. The leg exercises are no different from standard squats.




Deadlift We can do a straight-leg deadlift or bent-leg deadlift. Both of these actions can have the effect of training buttocks, thin waist and back training. At the same time, it also exercises our leg muscles. It is a powerful Strength training move.


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5.Medicine ball flip


Medicine ball flip


Medicine ball flip is the flip action of the medicine ball during the squat process. This action can effectively exercise our leg muscles and our arm muscles.

6.Shoulder press


Shoulder press


The shoulder press is the most common type of press we have seen. It requires us to use a barbell to complete, just like an athlete. In the beginning, we hold the barbell tightly on our shoulders. When we adjust our breathing, we will You can push the barbell upwards.

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