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15 Back Workouts For Building Muscle | IFAST

on December 09, 2021

Many people always feel that their backs do not feel and cannot exert force during training. This time is when the back workout is needed. The muscles of the back are relatively large, so we will train more movements than other muscle groups. So today IFAST will introduce 18 back workouts, let’s take a look!





Pull-up is a classic and effective action. Therefore, it is also very difficult for many newcomers to pull up. When doing pull-ups, you can choose to grab the horizontal bar and do about 15 to 20 at first. Because pull-ups can stimulate most of the back muscles.





The deadlift is a good exercise for the back. In addition to using the horizontal bar, you can also try dumbbells. Deadlifts can stimulate multiple muscle groups, and the effect is far more pronounced than isolated movements. Deadlift training twice a week can increase the strength of the hamstrings, gluteus maximus, lower back and upper back.

3.Resistance Band Pull-ups

Resistance Band Pull-ups


If you don’t have the equipment to do pull-ups, you can also use tension straps. Wrap the tension band around the thigh, or the other end under the crotch, tie it to the pole and fasten it firmly. In this way, you can easily do pull-ups to train your back.


4.Pull-ups Down


Pull-ups Down


Pull-ups are similar to pull-ups. The area of exercise is similar to that of pull-up exercises. But the difficulty is relatively reduced. You can choose to use steps, or to jump, let alone and your predecessor porcelain bottle continue to do the downward movement, the slower the better.



Rowing is a very useful back training exercise. You are most people who have not adjusted their posture when they are rowing. Overgrowth, hunchback, etc. are all caused by improper posture. This will not only be ineffective but will easily cause pain. The suggestion for rowing is to do ten strokes at a time and you can do 3 to 4 sets.


6.Reverse Rowing

Reverse Rowing


Barbell reverse rowing can make the biceps more involved in the force; also because of the participation of the biceps, the weight you can do in the back grip will be heavier than in the forward grip (about 1/3 of the weight) ). Due to the increase in load, naturally, your back muscles such as latissimus dorsi, rhomboid muscles, trapezius muscles can also be more strongly stimulated.


7.Bent Over Dumbbell Rowing

Bent Over Dumbbell Rowing


This movement can exercise the entire back very well. This action requires two dumbbells. Stand with your legs apart, hold dumbbells in your hand, and after leaning over, perform a rowing action. A little bit of effort is okay, but the amount of strength should be lower.





Hyperextension is also called goat pushup. Prone pushup mainly exercises the erector spine of the lower back. Lie on your stomach on a Roman chair (you can also choose the abdominal training bench without a Roman chair), with your feet hooked on the back support cushion. You can cross your hands in front of your chest or drag them behind your head (don’t hold your head). In the starting position, lean forward and bend down as much as possible to feel the stretching of the lower back muscles. From this position, you can control it. Lift it slowly, probably a little bit higher than parallel to the ground.





Push-ups can train the back muscles and have a certain exercise effect on the latissimus dorsi. The palms of both hands are used as support points, the arms should be open, shoulder-width or wider than shoulder-width, back, waist and hips are in a straight line, elbows are vigorous, and arms can be bent.


10.Barbell Rowing

Barbell Rowing


First of all, we have to prepare the equipment we need, a barbell, the specific size you choose according to your ability, and then adjust the posture, bend your legs slightly, and then bend over. Then grab the barbell with both hands, lift it to your thighs, and then lower the barbell until your arms are vertical. Then lift the barbell, and this time pay attention to stretch your arms backward, which gives you the feeling of rowing. When doing this set of movements, the two legs must always be kept bent.


11.Dumbbell Single-arm Rowing


Dumbbell Single-arm Rowing


This action is to exercise each side of the back separately so that the muscles of the back can be fully exercised. From the perspective of exercise goals, one-arm dumbbell rowing will help us stimulate the middle of the latissimus dorsi. It can not only help us widen the back, but also thicken the back. It is a very classic and effective back-training exercise.


12.Prone Cable Pull-down

Prone on the seated rowing machine, pull the back with a long rod, and make sure to put it as slowly as possible on the return stroke so that you can fully experience the stretch of the latissimus dorsi.


13.Squat Rack Reverse Rowing

The good news for players who can’t do pull-ups put the barbell on the protective arm, put the foot on the stool, clamp the arms, tighten the latissimus dorsi, and lift the weight.


14.Seated Power Rack Rowing

When you reach the top, you should exert extra force to squeeze the middle of the back.


15.LAT Pull-down

LAT Pull-down


When we pull down in a high position, the latissimus dorsi of our back muscles will be stimulated very well, which has a training effect that increases the width and thickness of our latissimus dorsi. For the high-position pull-down training exercise, we have to know that this is a good exercise to increase the width of the back muscles. If we want to increase the back width, then do more high-position pull-downs.


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