REALLEADER Premium Spin Bike


SKU: RSB-260
Body Frame:The mainframe consists of a steel body of 2.5MM
thickness,the whole bicycle is welded under the help of imported
robot,which guarantees its firmness and good appearance.
Flywheels:20kg casting wheel with chrome-coating treatment
Handlebars:Antiskidding material is used with a double kettle bracket provided Cushion:More confortable and made from silica gel and non-toxic materials
Cranks:Cranks are industrially forged to effectively extend its usage life Centre shaft:Using high-end spline center shaft is more durable
Size: 45.1(L)×24.8(W)×38.2(H)in
Weight: gross weight 60kg/132lbs,net weight 58kg/128lbs

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