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IFAST LAT Pulldown Attachments

Sale price$86.90

【V Shaped Bar & V Handle With Rotation】 Constructed of high-quality solid steel with polished chrome finish. The 0.6-inch hole can fit easily for all cable systems. The textured rubber coating handle provides an ergonomic & secure grip during the workout, and provides a balanced force to both arms when attaching it to any gym machine.
【Nylon Braided Tricep Rope】 Cable machine attachments are made of heavy-duty black nylon braided rope with solid rubber ends, it also features a hard chrome swivel that allows flexible movements for your triceps pull-downs workout.
【Straight Rotating Bar】The straight bar features solid steel construction & a swivel hanger & a textured rubber coating handle to make it function well. Ideal for performing pull-downs, triceps press-downs, upright rows, straight bar curls, seated rows, plus more.

IFAST rope lat pulldown attachment dimension
【Package Includes】1 * V-Shaped Bar +1 * Straight Rotating Bar + 1 * V Handle with Rotation + 1* Nylon Braided Tricep Rope + 4* Snap Hooks.

【Extensive Use】Many accessories enable you to work on each muscle group individually to the greatest extent! They are the best equipment for lat pulldowns, cable curl bars, triceps press downs, straight bar curls, seated rows, building stronger triceps and grip strength, assisting muscles around elbows, wrists, back, abs, and shoulders, leg, hip abductors, and glute workouts. The set of superior cable machine attachments that has it all, is the one you will use to achieve your goal of training upper or lower body.

Here’s a list of exercises you can perform with IFAST cable machine accessories

  1. Straight Rotating Bar: Perfect for Lat pushdowns/Bicep curls/Cable shrugs/Seated row.
  2. Rotaing V Handle: Perfect for Lat Pulldowns/Seated Rows/Upright Rows
  3. Rotating Tricep Pull Down Rope: Perfect for Triceps pushdown/Rope hammer curls/Face pull/Cable Pullthrough/Seated row/Cable crunch/Overhead triceps extension/Straight arm pulldown/Cable front raise.
  4. V-shaped Bar: Perfect for pull-downs, triceps press-downs, upright rows, straight bar curls, seated rows, plus more.

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