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IFAST Olympic Cast Iron Weight Plates

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  • Nothing replicates the sound of an old-school cast iron weight plate being lifted in a gym. IFAST Black Olympic Plates are simple, classic, and tough enough for daily use.
  • Our cast iron weight plate are perfect for strength training and powerlifting. Load ‘em up for squats, deadlifts, bench press, overhead press, curls, lunges, and more. A single-weight plate can also be used for warm-up exercises.
  • These plates carry the IFAST Barbell legacy and a dedication to being milled and having a tolerance within +/-3% of the indicated weight. It is heat-resistant, sweat-proof, and hard to corrode. 2inch weight plates can equip your affiliate or home gym as you see fit.

  • Black steel Olympic barbell weight plates are still the gold standard for many serious weightlifters. IFAST Fitness will help you to build your own home gym.
  • We also provide many kinds of Olympic barbell bars, and you can use them together!


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