What are the benefits of a trap bar?

What exercises can you do with the trap bar? 

Do you have many questions about the trap bar? IFAST has invited many authoritative experts in the fitness field to review our bar. The following product reviews or blog may help you solve these problems!


IFAST Trap Bar Review | Shredded Dad



I had been looking for a reason to get another specialty bar and I finally pulled the trigger on the IFAST Fitness trap bar.

The IFAST Fitness hex bar is sturdy, has a high weight capacity, and I love that it’s all black.


IFAST black trap bar


1 Unboxing the Trap Bar

2 Specs

3 Features

4 Benefits of the Trap Bar

4.1 Less Stress On Your Low Back

4.2 Adjustable Height

4.3 Saves Your Shins

5 Trap Bar Exercises

6 Trap Bar Coupon Code

7 IFAST Fitness Trap Bar Review

7.1 Check Out The Trap Bar Here

8 IFAST Fitness Trap Bar

8.1 Build

8.2 Weight capacity

8.3 Knurling

8.4 Welding

8.5 Versatility

8.6 Related


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IFAST Trap Bar Review – A Solid Bar At A Solid Price | Dumbbells Review



Now, before I go any further, I do want to be forthright and say that I was provided the hex bar for free in exchange for a review. But I stand behind the review as it is and tried my best to not let it influence my rating.

Furthermore, for what it’s worth, the company was great to work with and I tested the bar for almost 6 months before posting this review. While I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same experience, I’m always pleased to see companies take customer service seriously.

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s start the iFast trap bar review. Oh, one last thing, throughout the review I’ll use the terms “hex bar” or “trap bar” interchangeably as you’ll see both throughout the ‘net.



  1. Overview
  2. Construction
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Value
  5. Who Should Buy the iFast Trap Bar
  6. Who Shouldn’t Buy the iFast Trap Bar
  7. Summary (TL;DR)
  8. IFAST Trap Bar Final Rating


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