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orange 4ft barbell
blue 4ft barbell bar
  • Product Description


Item Weight

10 kg / 22 lbs



Finish Type


Item Name

Olympic Chrome Barbell

Grip Size

1 inch

Product Dimensions

48"L x 2"W

Sleeve Length

6.3 inches


Here we offer you our new 4ft barbell, the best short barbell for your home gym. It's designed for assistive exercises like curls and has a narrow grip to provide stability.This extremely versatile piece of equipment can be used all alone if you are a beginner, or you can add your own barbell weights to increase the challenge.

Our short barbell can meet all your muscle exercise needs, especially your upper body, legs, hips, and back; Such as curls, biceps/tricep extensions, wrist curls, etc, and practice overhead, wide grip, snatch.

IFAST pink barbell

Product Features

★ SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION – From Olympic lifting to powerlifting to bodybuilding, its high-grade steel and cerakote composition, tensile strength rating of 120,000 PSI, 400 lb weight capacity, 1.2mm knurl, and 4 needle bearings can withstand it all.

★ FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER - Our barbell can carry heavy loads, helping you push out of your comfort zone and reach your potential. This bar is designed for lightweights, is suitable for home workouts, and works best with our plates.

★ CERAKOTE FINISH – Our bars are available in a variety of color options. Our steel bar is finished with a Cerakote coating: you'll look tired at the end of your workout, but this barbell won't – even after years of use! Choose which color you want and get yourself a bar that suits your style and workouts.
★ WHAT'S IN THE PACKAGE – This bar is a 22lb Barbell, 4 inches long, 6.3-inch loadable sleeve lengths, and is 25 MM in diameter with 4 bearings total.


Why should I use a short barbell instead of a standard Olympic barbell?

These barbells are designed for users with smaller frames or those focusing on lighter weights. The shorter length and lower weight make them easier to maneuver and control, reducing strain and risk of injury.

I'm petite. Will a short barbell be too short for exercises like squats or deadlifts?

Not at all! Short barbells typically range from 4-5 feet long, providing ample room for proper form on compound lifts while accommodating a smaller build.

I'm worried a lighter barbell won't challenge me enough. Can I still get an effective workout?

Absolutely! While the bar itself may be lighter, you can still progressively overload by adding weight plates. Short bars allow you to focus on proper technique before graduating to heavier weights.

I have limited space at home. Will a shorter bar be easier to store and maneuver?

Yes! Compact barbells are perfect for home gyms or smaller spaces. Their shorter length makes them easier to store and move around compared to full-size Olympic bars.

I'm new to lifting. Will a women's bar help me learn proper form more easily?

Definitely. Women's bars are often thinner and more whip-friendly, better suiting smaller hand sizes. This makes it easier to maintain a tight grip and good form as you're starting out.

Can men use women's barbells too, or are they only for women?

While marketed towards women, plenty of men also opt for these shorter, lighter bars - especially when prioritizing joint health or working around injuries. The key benefit is better maneuverability.

What's the weight difference between a standard and women's barbell?

A standard Olympic barbell is typically 20kg/45lbs, while women's bars range from 15-25lbs (6.8-11.3kg). The lower weight reduces strain on smaller frames.

I'm recovering from an injury. How can a lighter bar help?

Shorter bars with lower starting weights put less compression on the spine and stress on joints. This makes things like squats, presses, and rows more joint-friendly during rehab.

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