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IFAST 4 foot short barbell
4 Ft Olympic Bar4 Ft Olympic Curl Bar5 Ft Olympic Bar5 Ft Olympic Curl Bar


We provide different sizes of Olympic curl bar and weight lifting bar. Our short Olympic barbell bar adopts the knurling design to ensure comfort and safety. These 4 ft/5 ft Olympic bars are mainly used for upper limb muscle training, such as wrist curl, second head curl, neck, back arm flexion and extension, supine arm flexion and extension, etc.

With our iron weight plates or bumper plates, you can use them to build a perfect body! IFAST FITNESS always supplies the best home gym equipment for you. You can build your own home gym!

barbell bar
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IFAST Olympic Bumper Weight Plates
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Square Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells
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black Adjustable Kettlebell handle
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IFAST Blue and balck 2 in 1 dumbbell barbell