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IFAST Olympic Bumper Weight Plates
20lbs(10lb* 2 PCS)30lbs(15lb* 2 PCS)50lbs(25lb* 2 PCS)70lbs(35lb* 2 PCS)90lbs(45lb* 2 PCS)110lbs(55lb* 2 PCS)160lbs ( 10lb*2 / 25lb*2 / 45lb*2 )210lbs ( 25lb*2 / 35lb*2 / 45lb*2 )340lbs ( 10lb*2 / 25lb*2 / 35lb*2 / 45lb*2 / 55lb*2 )500lb WeightLifting Bars


High Center Of Gravity

IFAST rubber weight plates has a higher center of gravity that prevents potential injury. Don't worry about the low center of gravity of the barbell and strain your back.

Low Bounce And Durability

Our bumper Olympic plates offer a dead bounce and durability rarely seen in an economical plate. It can prevent potential injury.

Noise Reduction

The considerably reduced noise of Olympic bumper plates can be a blessing especially if they’re at home and you have kids, and neighbors close by.

IWF Standard

Our rubber weights have an IWF standard 450MM diameter, minimal surface imperfections, and a weight within 1% of their target.

2 IN Steel Inner Hub】 

Combined with stainless steel inserts and quality virgin rubber. The 2-inch steel collar center ensures they fit onto all standard bars, racks, and sleds. It also has a lipped edge for safe handling.

IFAST Olympic bumper plates
IFAST bumper weights


Olympic-Sized Plates

17.7 inches / 45cm in diameter and thickness varies by weight fitting any Olympic bar with a diameter of 2 inches. 

Durometer Rating: 88.

Perfect for Olympic weight bumper plates where you're often dropping the bar from shoulder height and above. Expertly designed stainless steel "hooked" insert that remains firmly seated. Extremely durable virgin rubber will last for years.

NOTE: 10 bumper plates are not designed to be used alone on a barbell as they will "taco". 

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