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                If you want to expand your home gym without sacrificing space, IFAST FITNESS can provide quality top home fitness equipment that is not too cumbersome.

                If you can get the same quality of exercise comfortably and conveniently from home, you don't have to invest in becoming a gym member. All of our home fitness machines are designed to provide high-intensity and dynamic exercise, which will improve your fitness level. We provide aerobics equipment, strength training equipment, adjustable dumbbell, etc.

                Today, let's take a look at our products and take a step towards building your own home gym.

                All fitness equipment in IFast (47)

                IFAST 1000LB Capacity Power Rack With Olympic Bar 340lb Weight...


                IFAST Power Rack 1000lb Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage


                IFAST Power Rack 1000LB Capacity With 7ft Olympic Bar 210lb...


                IFAST Exercise Bike for Home With 35lb Heavy Chrome Flywheel...


                IFAST 4ft Olympic barbell cerakote Rated 400lbs for Weightlifting Powerlifting...


                IFAST Adjustable Dumbbells 44 LB 、66LB Weight Set With Connecting...


                IFAST Adjustable Weight Bench FID Bench With 12 Positions For...


                IFAST 110LB Dumbbells Adjustable Barbells With Storage Box

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