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                Cardio Workouts

                What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “cardio?” Probably running, maybe the elliptical machine, stationary bike, or even rowing. But there’s so much more to cardiorespiratory training than steady-state endurance workouts—a.k.a. trucking it for the long-haul.

                The best kind of cardio happens to be compound exercises, which involve multiple joints and more than one muscle group. “They improve coordination and elevate the heart rate quicker—plus, they allow a person to get a full-body workout in less time while mirroring movements you actually use in real life,” says Sarah Gawron, AFAA-certified trainer at Epic Hybrid Training and Solace in New York City.

                Cardio workouts can enhance cardiopulmonary endurance. Exercise is a continuous long-term exercise. Muscles contract for a long time. Cardiopulmonary must continuously provide oxygen for muscles and transport away wastes in muscles. This continuous demand can improve cardiopulmonary endurance. After exercise, people's function can be improved, cardiopulmonary function can be effectively improved, sugar can be fully burned, and weight loss can be achieved. We always provide best cardio fitness equipment for you and our half exercise ball, 36LB battle rope and 1.5 Inch exercise bike  are very popular to customer.

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