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People who are fit know that to build muscle, we need strength training to promote our muscle growth through gradual overload. So, what actions can be better in the process of muscle enhancement? Although there are more and more best fitness equipment, basic actions are always the most effective, especially for new fitness players, only barbell and dumbbell can be used. You can maximize your muscle enhancement by following 10 actions.

In doing these exercises, you need to focus on posture and skills, so that the muscle to achieve maximum contraction, in order to promote muscle growth.




Squat is the trump in all movements. Through this exercise, you can consume the most calories, can obviously shape the strong and powerful leg muscles and promote the growth of the whole body muscles. Each person's squat movement is slightly different, squat action mainly depends on the length, strength and weakness of the lower extremity.

You just need to squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground. You don't have to squat to the bottom. Of course, the lower you squat, the more active your gluteal muscles are. When you begin to practice squatting, don't use too heavy load. Too much weight will easily lead to movement deformation. Just make the movement standard first. When the barbell falls with your body, you should stretch the back thigh muscles, separate your legs, slowly drop, and then quickly rebound.

There are many variations of squat, which need to be practiced frequently. When training leg muscles, squat will make leg muscles grow faster.



A man Deadlift

Deadlift is a very good exercise for legs and lower back. No matter what kind of hard pull you are doing, you should ensure the correct posture. If you want to prevent back injury, skill is always the most important factor to pay attention to. The grip can be positive and negative, or both hands can be positive.

There are mainly two kinds of deadlift: straight leg hard pulling mainly exercises biceps femoris, bending leg hard pulling mainly exercises lower back. There are also many variations, such as: Romanian hard pull, sumo hard pull can exercise lower limb strength well.


Chest press

Chest press

This is the best action to exercise the whole chest muscle. You can further activate the chest by adjusting the height of the push chair and doing up or down tilt push.

When you exercise your chest muscles, you need to make your chest muscles fully stretch and stretch. Dumbbells have a larger range of motion than barbells and can stimulate your chest muscles to a greater extent.


Bench Press

Dumbbells Bench Press

Barbell press is the best action to increase the whole shoulder muscle, which can effectively improve your upper limb strength. The main muscles to exercise are deltoid muscle and trapezius muscle. Standing press can also strengthen the core strength. Sitting press is difficult to use, which can make the shoulder get better exercise effect.

When using dumbbells to do the press, you can let the dumbbells collide with each other, so that the deltoid muscles can be completely shortened at the highest point of the action. The shoulder muscles are very important for shaping, which can make your shoulders look wider.


Parallel Bar Dip

Parallel Bar Dip

This action can exercise the chest muscle and triceps brachii, which is a very good compound action. Different postures and grip distances can exercise the chest muscle and triceps brachii. Pay attention to the rhythm. Lower slowly and rise fast

When you are not heavy enough, you can increase the difficulty by increasing the load.


Pull up

Pull up

This movement can effectively exercise your latissimus dorsi and teres major, as well as biceps brachii and upper arm. It is a good compound movement of upper limb and one of the most popular fitness movements.

You can exercise the latissimus dorsi and biceps brachii through positive grip, reverse grip and opposite grip. When you don't have enough weight, you can also increase the difficulty of training by loading.

Bent-over row

Bent-over row

This is a movement to exercise back muscles, there are many changes. These changes may be distinguished by the angle of the hip. That is, to what extent you bend down, the greater the angle of the hip joint, the higher the prone, the higher the activation of the latissimus dorsi, the lower the prone, the higher the activation of the posterior deltoid, the upper, the middle oblique, the rhomboid, and the higher the activation of the upper back.

When practicing the bow rowing, the ilium should be kept as still as possible, and the leg should not be allowed to bear the weight by stretching the leg muscles. The legs and hips should be kept as still as possible, only the elbow should be moved, and the elbow should be pulled back and the back should be straightened as far as possible

Higt pulley

Higt pulley

This is a back exercise, do wide grip pull-down, but the distance between the palms is not the farther the better, slightly wider than the shoulder is good, this can more effectively stretch and contract latissimus dorsi, stretch latissimus dorsi at the high point of the action, maintain tension, so as to better activate latissimus dorsi.

The wide front hand grip can be used to exercise the middle part of the latissimus dorsi better, and the back hand narrow grip can be used to exercise the lower back muscles more effectively.

One-arm dumbbell rows

One-arm dumbbell rows


This action is similar to the bow rowing, except that only one arm is used to move the dumbbell each time. The posture is correct, and the back exercise effect is very good. You need to bend down to make sure that the whole arm is moving the dumbbell hard, instead of using the ilium, legs, or knees, etc.

The point is that you try to move your elbows back as much as possible, using the latissimus dorsi and back muscles to move the dumbbell, not the biceps.

Preacher Curls

Preacher Curls

This is a biceps exercise, can exercise your biceps very isolated, as long as you put your upper arm on the mat, and do not move at all, can minimize the shoulder movement.

In time, you can see the changes of your body.The above 10 methods have a very obvious effect on muscle growth. You can add them to your differentiation training. After a while, you can see the changes of your body.

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