For fitness beginners, some simple exercises that can be trained at home can undoubtedly improve the efficiency of fitness, and can use some spare time to strengthen muscles, strength and reduce excess fat.

For home fitness, in addition to aerobic equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, and rowing machines, small-weight equipment is also required. The most common small-weight equipment is undoubtedly dumbbells and kettlebells, both of which can target the muscles of the whole body. Exercise, and it does not take up space for easy storage.


Dumbbell VS Kettlebell


However, there are still differences in shape and training methods between the two. Before choosing, you must first understand the differences and advantages and disadvantages of the two, so that you can choose a training device that is more beneficial to you.

Advantages of dumbbells


two arm dumbbell workout


The shape of the dumbbells can facilitate gripping and maintain relative stability. It can exercise most muscle groups in the body. There are many training movements. Common chest presses, shoulder presses, biceps curls, etc. can be used. Dumbbells are done.

At the same time, dumbbells can also be operated with both hands to train different muscles on both sides. Kettlebells usually cannot train on both sides at the same time, and can only perform some synchronous muscle group training. The dumbbells have a high degree of freedom and better singleness.


Advantages of kettlebells

Kettlebells are usually heavier than dumbbells in weight. Training is mainly carried out by swinging, swinging, etc., which can stimulate the deep muscles that dumbbells cannot stimulate. Equal weight training is more suitable.

In addition to its benefits in training muscle strength, kettlebells are also a very good cardiopulmonary function training device. It can help us consume excess fat through simple movements to achieve the purpose of losing fat and losing weight. At the same time, kettlebells can also change our center of gravity through training, exercise balance ability, and maintain body stability.


How to choose dumbbells and kettlebells?

Explosive Strength Training: Kettlebells

If your training goal is to pursue power and coordination, kettlebells are your best bet. For strength training, plyometric training, or professional sports that require a lot of explosive power, the special movements of kettlebells can make training more effective.


kettlebells workout



Basic Movement Training: Dumbbells

Dumbbells are very suitable as training equipment for beginners. Novices can start with simple bench press, shoulder press, rowing, dumbbell squat, because the direction of these movements is very fixed, and most of them only move up and down. After the exercise, the beginner can understand the muscles The strength method lays the foundation for subsequent training.


Increase Grip Strength: Kettlebells

The handle of the kettlebell is usually thicker than that of the dumbbell, which is more helpful for training the grip strength. For example, you can use the kettlebell flexion rowing action to increase the grip strength. After you have enough grip strength, you can challenge the more difficult horizontal bar movements.


Novice: Dumbbells

Never try kettlebells without a trainer. Novices should start with dumbbells. All experts agree that dumbbells are the best training equipment, and it is safer to start with dumbbells.


Challenge yourself: Kettlebells

The structural design of the kettlebell determines that its center of gravity will be located 6 to 8 inches below the handle, which is not as easy to control as dumbbells. Therefore, movements such as the push-up of the kettlebell will become more difficult due to the relationship between weight and balance. raletively hard.


Kettlebells exercise


In addition, kettlebells are usually large and the weight gap is relatively large, it is difficult to find the most suitable weight for you at once, unlike ordinary dumbbells with a gap of five pounds, for people who want to gradually increase the weight, use Gradually increasing the weight with dumbbells is safer than kettlebells. 

Therefore, for beginners or those who focus on basic training movements, dumbbells are the best choice; on the contrary, for explosive training and interaction trainers, it is recommended to use kettlebells to achieve the best results.


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